Report from NPS17

We conducted a survey following the conference and gathered the following information:

85% – Very Satisfied
15% – Somewhat Satisfied

Panels, Showcase, Talks:

The highest ratings went to:
1. Gone Global (International Panel)
2. Down By Law (Legal Panel)
3. David Hayman (Talk about licensing)

92% responded it was a good value for the money
60% of people thought that $20-$49 would be the best price

17 confirmed deals totaling $5700
27 potential deals totaling $36000

Probability of Attending NPS18
76% extremely likely to attend
23% likely

Comments from attendees:

“The law panel helped me understand split sheets.”

“I enjoyed feeling a part of a great urban music community.”

“David Hayman – down to earth accessible helpful in the trenches type guy”

“Chedo! He’s the man.”

“David Hayman was great!”

“D.O. as moderator had a great ability to keep things flowing and energy directed where it should be.”

“Going global. the opportunity to meet the organizers of fresh island fest and New Skool Rules.”

“I learned a lot from the Legal panel.”

“Attending the Northern Power Summit is a must for upcoming artists.”

“Always a great time!”

“Mark Campbell opened my eyes as to when and where to apply for grants.”

“Ahh Yeah, this was an amazing event!”

“I had a great time at #NPS17 Great venue, great energy and great people!”

“A great place to hear gems of knowledge and meet people with the keys of access worldwide.”

“I have attended this conference both in 2016 and it just keeps getting g better can’t wait til 2018!”

“Please continue with Northern Power Summit. It’s a great and extremely important resource for the
music community.”

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