Astin Clark

Born and raised in Barrie, Ontario, less than 1 hour north of Toronto, Astin Clark is hitting the ground running with his smooth appeal, 3 piece suits, likeable vocals and choice selection of beats. He brings that Pop/Hip Hop sound with a new age feel. On his new album “Love & Self Loathing”, Astin presents his most authentic self; talking openly about relationships, feelings of heartbreak and being on the rebound. Produced entirely by Atwell, the record strikes a near-perfect balance between a man emerging from an unrestrained all-nighter and a man still licking his wounds.


Toronto’s own JellyTooFly lives outside of the box.

Through her projects TIJB, TIJB 2, King, and Inn The Rough and a praised verse on the viral 2012 Stylus Awards Cypher video, Jelly has proved to be a lyrical threat to any rapper, man, woman, East or West. No fake or filler, she is a raw emcee with a story as authentic as her charm.

Look out for her new project Queen, which is in the works. Whether opposing emcees bow down now our later, it is inevitable that the reign of Jelly Too Fly has just begun.

Myer Clarity

Twenty four year old rapper/producer Myer Clarity comes straight out of left field with his charmingly unorthodox blend of punk rock and hip hop. With a powerful yet light hearted live show and a Kurt Kobain meets Gym Class Heroes etiquette, this young Torontonian has been an established college crowd favourite since his debut album ‘BYOB’ charted at #9 on the CMJ charts. No stranger to the stage, Clarity has opened for notable acts such as Yelawolf, Hoodie Allen and Royce Da 5’9”, as well as closed off numerous festival slots at CMW, IndieWeek, A3C, Osheaga and MIDEM. Now with a two month US/EU tour fresh under his belt, two nominations for ‘Best Rap Album’ and ‘Best Rap Single’, and his new ‘We Are The Aliens’ project playing repeatedly on syndicated radio, Myer Clarity shows no signs of slowing as he paves his own lane through the music world.

Ambre McLean

What does it mean to be an Ambre McLean fan?

The answer to that question begins the moment you hear her sing. It’s something you earn a deeper understanding of as you absorb her songs, or perhaps more accurately – as they absorb you. “Soul” is a word that means different things to different people… Some things need to be felt rather than summed up with words. Some things are better understood by that shiver down your spine, that smile on your face, or that tear that sneaks down your cheek. Whatever soul means to you, experiencing the music of Ambre McLean, may just leave you with a new definition.

A veteran of the Canadian music scene, with her genre defying style and indie approach, McLean has carved her own path along the way. After years of performing with bands Kyn, and Sharon Said, Ambre released her debut solo EP “Just Passing Through” in 2004, showcasing her ever-evolving craft. Since then Ambre has released 3 studio album’s, garnered numerous accolades and has appeared regularly on the Canadian music festival circuit. Currently touring in support of her brand new album “Me”, McLean is truly one of Canada’s rising stars. She has been called “Canada’s best kept secret”. With songs that will stick with you, and a voice bound to haunt you, this is one secret you’ll want to be in on.


pHoenix Pagliacci (born Rian Hamilton) is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Since the age of 6, she has been combining her love for words with her passion for music.

Phoenix hopes that her music can be used as a tool internationally to speak for those who have no voice. Her social justice background affords her the opportunity to work with various local organizations to change the world one word at a time.


DJ Speed

 DJ Speed

Hailing from Port Huron Michigan – a short 45 minute drive away from Detroit, DJ Speed is a veteran DJ, producer and studio owner.  Speed launched ProSound Media and subsequent ProSound studios to assist artists bringing their music to the masses.  He’s been behind the ones and twos rocking crowds across the US, Canada, and Europe.

His mission can be summed up in his frequently used phrase – good music is what he’s about.



Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, TAY has seen the things that seems to have become the prerequisite to any budding rap career. Unlike many of his contemporaries, it has not become the sole base to his music. “I’m influenced by the world around me, both good and bad, and the people I live it with. I tell my story….I tell their story….I tell our story.” Moving from the inner city to the suburbs proved to be most pivotal in the development of “theTAYkeover” the artist.

Since then, TAY has been on the go.  Relocating to Miami he jumped at the chance to showcase in Atlanta at A3C.  From there, he went international with stops in Netherlands, Crotatia and Toronto.  In January 2017 he rocked a tour in California.

His extensive, witty and original catalog is sure to entertain, and bring in fans from all walks of life. Whatever you’re looking for in your hip-hop music theTAYkeover will surely provide that and more.

T-Zank is a hip hop artist and producer from Indiana, US known for his inspirational sound and high energy live performances.  Fresh off the release of his new album “Pilot” and his first World Tour, Zank remains poised on spreading a positive message in his music, through his life experiences and his perception of the world we live in today.  He fuels his passion for music with a variety of past and present battles and utilizes them to relate to the people through his craft.  T has now toured North America six times with a self made mentality, having booked all of the shows independently and pushing the brand and company that he developed seven years ago under the name Successful Musik all the way through.  Focused on touching lives in as many ways as possible, he promises not to slow down anytime soon and dedicates his life to the positive progression of society through the power of his music movement!

We Are The Aliens is a Toronto based Hip Hop group. Comprised of award winning Vocalist iLLvibe and producer / vocalist Myer Clarity, the duo is known for larger than life sounds and their cinematic debut self-titled album. Distributed by Heavy Aux and Fontana North, the album recieved a great response from the media and fans alike. Myer and Illy have been touring strong in 2017 to support the release including 2 USA tours and 2 runs in Western Europe and some Canadian dates to support the release.