11:30-12:00 Registration
12:00-12:15 Welcome to NPS17! D.O. Gibson
12:15:12:30 Speaker B-Flix
12:30-12:45 Speaker Tara Muldoon
12:45-1:00 Artist Phoenix Pagliacci
1:00-2:00 Panel Brand New Day
2:00-2:30 Panel Down By Law
2:30-2:50 Break Networking Time!
2:50-3:00 Artist Myer Clarity
3:00-3:15 Speaker Bishop Brigante
3:15-3:30 Speaker David Hayman
3:30-3:40 Artist JellyTooFly
3:40-4:25 Break Networking Time!
4:30-4:45 Speaker DJ NaNa
4:45-5:45 Panel Gone Global
5:45-6:00 Rap Up D.O. Gibson



8:00-9:00pm Audition for New Skool Rules
9:00-9:15 BLOCKTRADE Music: Alpha, KID 6IX, Jzy Jay, and YM
9:15-9:30 Astin Clark
9:30-9:45 Tay
9:45-10:05 Ambre McLean
10:05-10:20 T-Zank
10:20-10:30 We Are The Aliens

Sounds will be brought to you by DJ Speed


MusicOntario presents:


Bev Moore (Management), Mark Campbell (Northside HipHop), Charlie Wall-Andrews (Socan Foundation), Samantha Pickard (Strut Entertainment)

Back in the day it was all about demos and CDs. Now the emphasis is on social media and streaming. A consistent factor however, is that artists need to build their brand in order to cut through the noise and carve their niche. Effective branding can yield immediate results, but also (perhaps more importantly) career longevity. How does an artist build that brand though? How does one earn staying power in the era of low attention spans and unlimited music supply?

This panel will discuss marketing and artist development strategies as artists work to adapt in the new marketplace.



Bob Celestin (Lawyer), Debbie Egel (Bronx Most Wanted)

Your music is buzzing.  You’re building your brand, but before you take the next step you need to make sure your business is on point.

Someone wants to manage you and sent you a contract, should you sign it?  When should you get an entertainment lawyer?  Should you clear that sample?

This interactive panel is led by two entertainment lawyers that will discuss legal issues for artists.



Trish Carter (CIMA / Canada Blast), Phat Phillie (Fresh Island Fest), Greg Struiken (New Skool Rules), Rochester (Artist)

Where are you in your career? Maybe you’ve built a buzz on your block. Maybe you’ve achieved a level of fame in your hometown. Maybe you’ve performed throughout the province or across the country, and/or sold a number of albums/singles. What’s next?

This panel will discuss when an artist might be deemed “export-ready”, with some discussion on next steps in taking your career worldwide.