NPS March Session: Gone Global

Northern Power Summit Returns With Gone Global on March 20

Northern Power Summit (NPS) returns with “Gone Global” on March 20, 2021, the third and final part of their three-part series that began in January. 

Mental health was the theme of January’s session, followed by a celebration of Black excellence in February, and now with March’s event, the focus will be on artist growth with international opportunities at the forefront. Musicality will be spotlighted as well, led by conversations with producers and beat-makers. 

“Many things have changed in the music industry over the years, but one thing that remains the same is that artists want to get their music out all over the world – in a pandemic or not. We want to keep artists ready by focusing on the quality of their music, where they can gain access to funding and can hear from someone that has built a long-term career,” says Duane 'D.O' Gibson, NPS co-founder. 

Acclaimed producer and hip-hop artist Classified is the keynote speaker for March’s session. A true Canadian success story, Classified has built his career from the ground up and continues to excel through his own releases and his collaborative efforts with other artists. 

Adding to the international theme, Croatia’s Phat Phillie and Niall Doorley of Barcelona’s Future Music Forum will speak about breaking into the European market. 

Gone Global will also feature expert industry sessions from Charlie Wall-AndrewsGarrett Van DusenTone Mason4Korners80 EmpireDJ Greedo and more. 

Gone Global will run from 1-6 pm on March 20, with registration rates ranging in price from $0-$20 to make the event accessible to all who wish to attend.